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If the steel shafts can be filed... they are not hard. Therefore, the steel will erode
around the carbide allowing the carbide to break off.
studtest.gif (16289 bytes) spacer 1 - Bottom Line
2 - Fast-Track
3 - Roetin
4 - Saber
5 - Sno-Stuff
6 - Stud Boy
7 - Woody's

With the Trail Grabbers, you must wear through the carbide to get to the steel
that the carbide is silver brazed to.
Typical carbide studs Trail Grabbers

studwear.gif (8763 bytes)

trgrclos.gif (10539 bytes)

60 degree, 80 degree or flat
All points look like this after several hundred miles


ATV / Motorcycle Studs File Tests

If they can be filed... they are not hard nor durable.
That is why racers baby their machines (no pavement contact).



1 - Original Gold

2 - Lemans

 3 - Kold Kutters

File Test Results


This head was harder than the file.

Carbide can
not be filed


Used original Bottomline TLS

Material Comparisons

studtest       Weight   Dia. Length
Trail Grabber Chips
Standard Pin
Original Bottomline TLS
  .0006 grams
.0006 grams
.0002 grams
caliper caliper
Original BottomLine TLS height pin Original BottomLine TLS diameter pin
caliper caliper
Klymaxx I & II pin height Klymaxx I & II diameter pin
caliper caliper
Push thru stud pin height Push thru stud pin diameter

Original BLT website No Longer Available

Phantum stud vs. Trail Grabber weight comparison:

  • 1 - 1.075 Phantum stud with Aluminum backer and tall not weighs - .0885 lb
  • 1 - 3/4" Trail Grabber weighs .0080 lb
  • 96 - Phantum studs with Aluminum backers and tall nut weigh - 8.496 lb
  • 96 - 3/4" Trail Grabbers weigh - .768lb.
  • That's an 11:1 weight ratio in favor of the Trail Grabbers

TLS vs. Trail Grabbers | SnowSnakes | 5,000 Miles TG |
1999 Irondog Race | 2000 Irondog Race | 2009 Caines Quest Race


Screw Height Comparison

A lower profile generates less stress on the lugs.



Klimaxx 1
Klimaxx 2
TLS 3/4"
TLS 1"


Klymax head ad   klymaxx head real  
I bought mine before the 2004 season.

I do not know when they made a product to match the Dist. Catalog photo. I checked the 2006 Dist. Catalog and it still has the same photo.

Klymaxx 2

American Snowmobiler
December 2002, p. 55

To the best of my knowledge this product never made it to market.

I'm no expert but the threads look funky to me!

Advertised Product

This was the photo in the distributor catalog I saw when I ordered them.

  Product Received


Track and tire lug stud-2



Scotts Comments

As of 9/24/13, Bottom Line Traction Website – TLS

Bottom Line posts on their website that they have significantly improved their TLS again. They are now using the standard size carbide pins used in push thru studs, for the 2013 season.

Original TLS Klymaxx 1 Klymax-2 Trail Grabbers

Typical carbide stud pin

.0005 lb .0010 lb .0010 lb .0015 lb .0015 lb
  2 : 1 2 : 1 3 : 1  

There is still nothing positive I can say about Ralph's original (2002) TLS design or the Outer Limits Sports (2003) Klymaxx 1 & 2 versions!!!

When I came out with my patented Trail Grabbers in 1997, I had racers asking me to make a more traditional screw-in stud. I declined because Trail Grabbers are far better than Ralph's simple-minded design which was and is still lacking in every aspect. I'm not surprised it took Ralph almost 5 years to bring them onto the market with his mediocre product. I still would not touch his so called Revolutionary TLS with a 10 foot pole!!! Every year he mentions, improved threads and or larger carbide pins. After almost 18 seasons of trying Ralph should have figured it out by now!!! When Ralph came out with his TLS for 2002, I saw he had put the same effort into the design of the TLS as he had into his carbides.

Ralph sold his rights to the TLS screws to Outer Limit's Sports for 2003. Both the Klymaxx 1 & 2 versions had hi-low threads, which failed, and used a larger carbide pin, 2/3rds the weight of a standard stud pin.

Ralph used a standard thread originally. The Hi-low threads on the Klymaxx version failed during the 2003 season. In 2004 Ralph went back to the original standard threads, and kept the enlarged carbide pin.

In 18 years of supposed improvements the only thing he did was enlarge the carbide pin once!!!

The first one to send me a package of 48 with their new carbide pins, will get enough Trail Grabbers to put 4 per row of lugs at N/C!!!!

Bottom Line Traction - TLS website

1. 10/28/02, (2003 season) - No TLS listed

2. 1/5/2003, - NO TLS listed

3. 11/2/03, (2004 season) - No TLS listed

4. 5/23/04, - No TLS listed

5. 7/2/08, (2009 season) - No TLS listed

6. 8/30/10 (2011 season) - No TLS listed

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