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We really appreciate all of your help and support for Team CC in this year's 2000 Iron Dog Race.

The toughest race in the world could not destroy your carbide runners or the Trail Grabber studs. The Grabbers were just awesome and did exactly what we wanted them to do. The traction they provided was perfect and the extra speed we gained over traditional studs was very helpful on the fast river sections of the race. We punished these studs well beyond what even the most hardcore trail rider could even dream of and never lost  a stud.

The trail conditions on the Iron Dog are hard to describe, it is one of those things that you have to do and see to appreciate. The ultimate test of the studs came during river and creek crossings and the creeks were very narrow. The trails leading into and out of the creeks were one lane and usually spun down to the frozen dirt and rock. Because you couldn't get up a lot of speed to climb the steep banks, you just had to spin your way to the top at full throttle. This sometimes meant going only 10 to 15 feet but lasting 30 to 40 seconds. This was quite a frequent occurance and both Korey and myself thought that we were losing or destroying studs like crazy. After arriving in Nome and inspecting the tracks we were both truly amazed that not a single stud had been lost in either machine. It also amazed many of the other riders who had lost or torn out many of their push through type studs. I have always been a rider, who when not racing never used studs in my trail machines. But I am sure going to use Trail Grabbers in my 800 MXZX next year. Thanks again for all your help and for the great product.

Steve Decker
Korey Cronquist
The entire Team CC crew

The machines were Ski Doo 440 Liquids with .912 lugs on the track allowing them to use 360 - 5/8 inch Trail Grabbers.

Scott, here are the photos you requested. I shot the worst of the track on some photos. As you can see, the studs are still in the track. The carbide bits on only a couple had fallen out. I couldn't find any that were just missing. That's great, especially  after seeing what Steve Decker put them through... climbing the ice/dirt shoots W.O.T. (wide open throttle) moving only a few miles per hour shooting a rooster tail hundreds of feet behind him. Thanks again for all your support.

Korey Cronquist

Close-up of damage
(The track damage using Trail Grabbers' isn't significant compared to track damage using studs)

Full track



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