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The Really "Revolutionary" Original
Snowmobile Screw in Traction System,
since 1997

Studs push the sled straight! Especially if they are only in the center belt!

The head of the Trail Grabber is domed with carbide chips on a 5/16" hex head stainless steel screw
so it will scratch the surface rather than penetrate. The 1/4" stick-out above the lugs
will allow the track to follow the skis.

Multiple layers of carbide chips pro-long the life and function of Trail Grabbers
because as the chips wear new points and edges are exposed.

NEW for 2015 - 1" Trail Grabbers

Keeps Your Snowmobile Under Control On Ice!

Click here to learn about Trail Grabbers!
Ride Safer, Not Faster! 

Trail Grabbers in action!  (180 degree spin)

  1. Advantages
  2. TG Testimonial
  3. Revolutionary?
  4. TLS vs. Trail Grabbers
  5. Trail Groomer
  6. Boost your studded track
  7. Recommendation chart
  8. Installation instructions
  9. Camoplast 1" & 1-1/4"
  10. Ripsaw - 15" & 13.5"
  11. Hacksaw - 15" & 13.5"
  12. Patent
  13. Customer letter
  14. 1999 Irondog
  15. Racing team customer letter
  16. Pavement test photos from videos
  17. Carbide stud file test results
  18. Independent pavement testing
  19. Track failure article
  20. Ski-doo track warranty poster
  21. Used Trail Grabber photos
  22. Other stud information
  23. Thank you to Trail Grabber users
  24. Other uses for Trail Grabbers
  25. Alaskan ATV on ice
  26. Running on ice (flash video)
  27. 180 degree spin  (flash video)
  28. The track is not nailed to the ground(flash video)
  29. Derby Track Test (flash video)
  30. Turning at the gas pumps

***Points of special interest are highlighted in red throughout this web site.

Thank you to Trail Grabber users

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