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The REALLY "Revolutionary" Original Screw In Snowmobile Stud, since 1997!!! With 3 times the carbide than the Original TLS. Multiple layers of domed carbide chips brazed to the stainless steel hex head screw creates new edges and exposes new points as they wear. The 1/4" stick-out provides thousands of miles of safer riding without track damage!!!

TLS - Another product I wouldn't give to someone I don't care for!!!

Scotts Comments

If your goal is to attach a replaceable stud to the lugs of a snowmobile track, obviously threads are needed and a head to hold at least a carbide pin. The key is to provide a combination that will provide good traction over thousands of miles while not damaging the lugs, bending or braking the threaded shafts. I am amazed at the lack of comprehension Bottom Line and the magazine writers exhibited. Only a simpleton would consider this simple minded concept to be "Revolutionary"!!! Outer Limits Sports bought a license to make and sell TLS screws and modified the threads and heads along with enlarged carbide pins, for the 2003 hi-low thread versions. The 2004 version went back to standard threads and a hex head . The enlarged carbide pins and serrations under the head were added. This Revolutionary disaster cost snowmobilers lots of money. They say 400,000 TLS were sold the first season, 96 per sled = 4,166 sleds Check it out TLS vs. trailgrabbers

First lug embeded stud

American Snowmobiler, page 20, Jan/Feb 2002

Ralph at Bottom Line Traction had actual production pieces of his new Track Lug Stud on display at consumer events this past Fall. The TLS is the "next generation" of screw-in traction products. Those who have used Bergstrom Skegs Trail Grabbers are familiar with the concept of a modified screw with a traction agent applied to the head. Bottom Line's TLS uses a more traditional stud tip, available in either carbide or steel, to penetrate and grip in icy conditions... Outer Limits 3/4" Track Lug Stud | 2nd Generation

Scotts Comments

American Snowmobiler's "simple minded" writers came up with the "Next Generation" Give me a break, only a simpleton would think TLS studs are an improvement over Trail Grabbers, unless they just wanted to suck-up to Bottom Line, that is!!!
Both so called, improved 2003 versions with hi-low threaded shaft and the 3 sided base have been discontinued for 2004. The enlarged carbide pin was kept and so were the serrations under the head. Almost 18 seasons of trial and error research and the TLS still bend, brake and damage lugs. "Revolutionary" design?, "Exclusive " design? "Mediocre" design at best!!! The original 2002 version needed to be up-dated after only one season. Does that sound right for a "REVOLUTIONARY" product???

Klymaxx 2 | 3rd Generation

New for 2004

2004 copy right - TLS header card still used for the 2014 season

No other brand beats Bottom Line Traction for Longevity, Design and Value. Studtest

You won't find a better Track Lug Stud for any track or tire.

Used TLS | TG Customer #1 | TG Customer #2 | Trail Grabber Testimonials | Used Trail Grabbers


The improved threads on the TLS will hold them in place better than any other type lug stud on the market. "A bold statement considering their improved 2003 hi-low threads were discontinued and were replaced by the 2002 original standard threads and heads. The enlarged carbide pin and serrations under the head were kept, for 2004." "Bottom Line has made no improvements, since 2004!!!"

Scotts Comments

TLS have been on the market from - 2002 to 2014 seasons = that's 13 seasons ; add to that the almost 5 years it took Ralph to bring the TLS to market and we are talking almost 18 years of trying to get it right. During this time, they have enlarged the carbide pin only once. They have had only 2 types of threads, Standard and Hi-Low. For 2004 they went back to the 2002 standard thread and head! Their original carbide pin was 1/3rd the weight of a push thru stud pin. Their enlarged pin weighs 2/3's the weight of a push thru stud pin. Over the last 2 seasons, I have been unable to find any evidence the latest TLS carbide pins have been enlarged to match the push thru stud pins!!!

SnowTech Magazine, 12/4/2002

TLS by Bottom Line

There have been other screw-in style traction products available in the past, but none of them have taken the concept to this level. Think of it as a "hybrid". Ralph Pribyl at Bottom Line has been developing the Track Lug Stud for almost 5 years.

Scotts Comments

SnowTech's "simple minded" writers came up with "HYBRID" Give me a break! Only a simpleton would consider this simple minded concept to be "Revolutionary" much less an improvement over Trail Grabbers!!! Unless, they wanted to suck-up to Bottom Line, that is!!!

SnowTech, Oct Nov 2003, page 8, Feedback

Lug Studs?

A number of you inquired as to the lug Studs, we introduced a couple of years ago. After the initial introduction, we ran them on some of our sleds (2001 – 2002) and published a follow-up test report the next season (Fall of 2002). Last season we did not use any lug studs at all. We requested "new and improved "versions" from a couple of the different suppliers, but the product never saw our doorstep. While we didn't have significant problems with the sleds we ran them on, our test rider base across the snow belt reported numerous cases of retention problems and lug damage.

Scotts Comments

TLS vs. trailgrabbers

SnowTech protected the product and the companies involved by not mentioning the Track Lug Stud (TLS) product by name or suppliers – Bottom Line, C&A-Pro, Diggerz and High Performance ENG. They also left out that Outer Limits Sports is owned by EMG Companies, Inc.

Only a simpleton would consider this simple minded concept to be "Revolutionary" much less an improvement over Trail Grabbers!!! Unless, they just wanted to suck-up to Bottom Line.

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