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Excerpts from American Snowmobiler - November, 1998
By Steve Ingram, American Snowmobiler Field Test Editor

"Being a test editor I run into all kinds of funky stuff to evaluate. Many times, funky turns out to be flunky. That wasn't the case with Bergstrom Skegs' Trail Grabbers."

"Simplicity is the only word I can think of when describing the design and installation procedure."

"As you ride the carbide is constantly reshaped into an infinite number of ice cutting edges."

"Installing the Trail Grabbers is a breeze."

"Another important aspect is that they do not damage asphalt or concrete."

"In my opinion, the Trail Grabbers are anti-lock brakes and seat belts rolled into one for the snowmobiler."

Trail Grabber Design Advantages - The domed carbide chips provide multiple points.  So, as you wear through the top carbides, you generate new edges and expose new points.  

The use of carbide chips domed on top of the screw head provides two more advantages.  The first is the low 3/16" - 1/4" profile while maintaining the same amount or more carbide by weight as the regular studs.  The second is that you have to wear through the carbide to get to the steel the carbide chips are silver brazed to.  This eliminates the typical stud problem of the steel wearing away until the carbide falls out.

Typical carbide studs Trail Grabbers

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Trail Grabber Application Advantages - No track cords are cut.  96 Trail Grabbers can be installed in approximately 15 minutes with an electric drill and a 5/16" socket. 

96 Trail Grabbers weigh 1/2 lb.

240 Trail Grabbers weigh 1-1/4 lb.

480 Trail Grabbers weigh 2 1/2 lb.

When touring, Trail Grabbers do all the safety "stuff" that studs do - icy hills, icy corners, lake crossings, and of course stopping.  In short, they keep the track where it is supposed to be.  They do not do hole shots by themselves!  The reason for this is that they do not penetrate like studs.  They do a lot of scratching instead.

A bare track generally brings a higher trade-in value.  So, remove your Trail Grabbers before you trade-in your snowmobile.  You may want to install them in the track of your new snowmobile.

The length of the Trail Grabber must allow the rubber to work.  If the threads go too deep, the resiliency of the rubber will be overcome.

Trail Grabber Options

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Riding Characteristics - Trail Grabbers are not overpowering.  A 6" carbide wear rod will turn 240 Trail Grabbers.  There is no stud wobble. The track is not nailed to the ground (Microsoft Media video .4 meg)

Our video shows a V-Max 750, with 240 Trail Grabbers and 8" carbides, do a 180 degree spin on hard glare ice. (See 180 degree spin -  (Microsoft Media video .5 meg) If we had done this with studs, the sled would have rolled.  If we had done this with a bare track, the sled would still be spinning.  Trail Grabbers are an "in-between-er!"

Studs dictate when and how your sled turns. Trail Grabbers follow your skis and respond to you.

Save our sport - What can we do to save our sport?

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