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Simmons wear bars
Sun Feb 15, 2004
Do you only have to use Simmons wear bars on their skis? My wear bars are shot in the front and outside, need replacement….

Tue Feb 17, 2004
The front 3 or 4 inches on all 4 wear rods are worn down to about 1/8 inch of bar left. The plastic in front of all the wear rods is worn down also. The remainder of the bars are like new.
Why is the wear pattern so radical?

Tue Feb 17, 2004

This was pointed out to Simmons by a friend last year, guess they didn’t fix the problem.

New Simmons Carbides
Fri Feb 11, 2005
Here are the pics I’ve been promising all you guys. I finally found them!! You’ll note that there is now 3 hard carbide flat inserts in the front and progressive rise to the cutter to even out wear and increase bite.

BIGTIME – This is a HUGE improvement over the last style.

click here to see used 6" carbides


Sat Feb 12, 2005
Go directly to Val at Simmons. These are prototypes however they look like they are gonna be the standard.

Sat Feb 12, 2005
Trust me the Bergstroms are WAY too much $$$$$$$$$$$$

I challenge yamabluerx1, or Simmons, to explain how the new style is functionally better. The wear patterns indicate no functional difference. Embedding the carbide into a graduated pocket is pointless. (Pun intended!)

Incompetent or Negligent?

Different opinions on Bergstrom Carbides:
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According to some of Simmon’s ads they came on the market in 1991. Since the proto-type rods were sent out in Feb. 2005, the new rods came on the market for the 2006 season. That means it took them close to 15 years before they made a change in their carbides.

These are Dangerous


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