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Woody's - The Most Trusted Name In Traction

The Choice of Champions Since 1965

Woody's business documents / trademark 1973

The products racers were using

1979 / 1984 - Woody's Advertisements

1992 Letter   |   

Woody's chronicles of business documents

Woody's history articles

Carbide Pricing History

Innovators Since 1965

Product Inventor/Date Woody's Date
Carbide Wear Rods
Carbide Studs
Push-Thru Stud
Carbide Wedge Studs
Double Backers
Kicker Studs
Angled Backer
Kalamazoo Eng. 1970
Ski Doo, 1971
Special Sports Products, 1971
Bob Bracey, 1975
Master Traction, 1976
Kalamazoo Eng., 1977
Aaen Eng. 1977
Rice Lake Machine, 1983
Polaris, 2002
Woody's Star Stud, 1975
Woody's, 1973
Woody's Gold Digger, 1977
Woody's Traction Master, 1992
Woody's Arrow Wedge, 1985
Woody's, 1994
Woody's Hooker, 1985
Woody's, 2004
Woody's Dooly, 2003

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 T-nut Test

Other than the Snap-Off, I have not found one traction product that Woody's had first.

You wouldn't think the "innovators" would be so far behind, so often.

When spending your money, should you trust a person who tells the most ingratiating story,
regardless of the facts?

-Would you buy a used snowmobile from this person?

-If you think you know of a traction product, send me evidence. Copies are okay.



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