Products Racers Were Using

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The Products Racers Were Using

1970 Stabilizer - Polaris and other top snowmobile racing teams use Sled-Ski Stabilizers consistently during important races.

Ski Rail Race Tested and Approved

1971 Polaris team had discovered a Ski Doo racing team’s secret shortly before the Tahoe event. (carbide wear rods)


Warriors of Winter, by Bill Vint, page 156
In Michigan, as the winter wore on, the Kalamazoo Engineering Racing Team featuring driver Bob Hulsebus and a pair of Speedway snowmobiles, was busy compiling an incredible record of 114 finishes “in the money” out of 128 starts, including 57 victories.

They “Klawed” Their Way To The Top
Jim Adema – 1972 World Cup Winner
Mike Trapp – Eagle River World Championship
Sam Sessions – MI Modified IV High Point Champion
Bob Husrbus – MI D Stock Modified III Overall High Point Champion
Gene Bloom – Modified III World Series Winner
Larry Colton – Modified II World Series Winner
Kerry Young – Modified I World Series Winner
Real La Launde – 1971 Ironwood Modified I Champion

Warriors of Winter, page 170

Race Drivers Use Talonic Cleats For Added Safety and Stability


If you don’t say Kalamazoo, you’re not talking traction and control. Racers know – KALAMAZOO means traction and control. At Petersborough, Jim Adema used Kalamazoo Kangaroos to give him the jump out the hole on his way to the Kawartha Cup.
Bob Elsner uses Kalamazoo Karbide wear rods and KALAMAZOO studs.
Same for Larry Colton.
Gene Bloom say’s “There’s only one bar – KALAMAZOO KARBIDES.”
Lynn Trapp say’s “I run KALAMAZOO---PERIOD!”
Why do so many independent racers and factory teams (Arctic Cat, Chapparral, Polaris, Rupp, Ski Doo, Yamaha) rely on KALAMAZOO? Because KALAMAZOO products are race-proven. They get results.


Master Traction Cleat for the Serious Racer


Brad Hulings, Ironwood SnoPro Winner, Kicker Studs on his Polaris.

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1986 Roetin Runners win 5 of 7 Eagle River World Championships.
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