Steel Ski Designs

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#1 1908   Sled-Runner

#2 1963   Arctic Cat Ski  Dual runners

#3   1967 - 77   Sno-Jet - all except Astro
3" of contact

#4   1968 - 71 Massey Ferguson design - Formed the wear rod into a rockered profile. In 1972 they moved away from this design probably for the reason Ski Doo told snowmobilers to straighten skis in 1990, improved handling.

#5 1969 Patent #3,643,978. Ski Flange.
#6 1969 Patent # 3,643,979. Composite / rockered ski.

#7 1969-75   Arctic Cat design - dual concave channels in the front draw snow under the skis.

#8 1972-74 Chaparral design - Center keel - Dual outside mini keels.

#9 1971-73 Yamaha design - Recessed front channel to accommodate a kinked wear rod.

#10 Pre-1974  Mercury design - Tri-keel with concave channel in the center keel.

#11 1979 Twin Track design - Dual wear rods - Concave channel for floatation - Multiple protruding keels that emerge from the bottom running surface of the ski proximal the ski front end and gradually increase in protrusion... The keel then gradually decreases in protrusion from its maximum protrusion to merge back into the bottom surface proximal the rear end of the ski.

#12 1979-81 Chrysler, Sno-Runner design - First solid plastic ski - Tri-keel.  See First Plastic Ski.

#13 1981-84 Ski Doo design - Dual keels - Dual wear rods - Center concave channel. 

#14 1985-01
Universal ski design - Dual outside biting edges - The under surface of the ski includes a plurality of concave surfaces extending longitudinally therealong for compacting snow and lifting the ski in the snow when moving therein. Two concave surfaces are recessed from a center surface to form two vertically orientated steering surfaces for controlling the direction of the ski in opposite directions.


#15 1990  Ski Doo Warranty Bulletin - To improve trail handling the following is recommended, straighten skis.  See rockered ski page

#16 1992  Patent # 5,222,749.  Ski Savers.   Place 90 degree edges just above the wear rod. See Ski Savers main page.


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