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If you have been satisfied with Cobra Heads
you will love the added CONTROL our system delivers.

Cobra Head

Another anti-darting product I would not give to someone I don’t like!

Products like this are the exact reason my website has so much information.

All snowmobiles will dart because the skis / wear rods follow the path of least resistance. Qualipieces’s simpleminded solution is not new but quite expensive compared to products providing similar functions. In the mid to late 1990’s there were plastic tuning fork shaped products like Easy Steer ($20.00pr) and Ski Doo’s PCS ($40.00pr) that straddled the front of the wear rod lifting it out of the ruts. The long version of my Ski Savers had this same effect. Ski Doo even came out with a ski that hid the front 5” of the wear rod. Polaris came out with their EZ Steer system, which was flat except for a replaceable 14” long wear rod near the center. The plate was 1” wide for 8”in front. Darting was no longer an issue because there was no profile up front but they still pushed in the corners. The COBRA rods are as functional as any of these products. ie. they reduce darting as well as your ability to turn!!!

Qualipieces – Cobra 4"
Qualipieces – Cobra 8"

The host bar is 1/2" tall and 3/8" wide

Suggested Retail Pricing

4”   60 degree $159.95pr
6”   60 degree $169.95pr
8”   60 degree $189.95pr
10”   60 degree $229.95pr

Anti-Darting Carbides Pricing (per inch)

Note the bars are soft enough to be hacksawed through.

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