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Coming in 2003

I filed for this patent on 8-20-2001

Purpose and function of our – BYO Ski - Build Your Own Ski

All current plastic snowmobile skis are formed by expensive molds. That means the snowmobiler has only one configuration for all snow/trail conditions. It also means that when any part of the ski is worn or damaged a whole new ski has to be purchased.

Our plastic ski is made up of layers of sheet material of varying thicknesses and widths, configuration best suited for the snow/trail conditions, and their riding style. If any part becomes worn or damaged to such an extent that performance is diminished the snowmobiler simply replaces the affected part or parts.

The pressure on the wear rod determines the effort needed to turn the handlebars and how much darting will occur. More effort is needed to turn the further the wear rod falls into the ruts left by previous sleds. Darting is caused when the wear rod falls into the ruts while following the path of least resistance.

By varying the thickness of the keel you can increase or decrease the pressure on the wear rod. The thicker the keel the more pressure will be focused on the wear rods, everything else being the same.

In conjunction with the keel you can also vary the thickness of the side plates. Thicker side plates will also decrease the pressure on the wear rods.

Other variables include the width of the side plates and the size and number of channels along them. In general the wider the side plate the less pressure is focused on the wear rod. The number and size of all three will affect darting, control and effort needed to turn the handlebars.

Add the three thicknesses of our patented Ski Savers (5,222,749) to the mix and the options are practically unlimited as to the snowmobilers ability to enjoy any snow/trail conditions.

(I did not follow through with the patent, because I could not overcome the wear rod issue. In my opinion one of the drawbacks to aftermarket skis is the potential problem of finding wear rods on the trail. I intended to use a rod from one of the OEM’s, but no matter which OEM I chose, snowmobilers from the other 3 got mad at me because I made them go into a dealer they did not like).

(My intent was to save snowmobilers money and improve control so I decided to apply the concept to the OEM skis for added floatation. I am happy to say all the feedback has been positive. I will be introducing “Contours” soon! I anticipate under $30.00 per set of 4.)

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