25 Years
of Darting

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Closing in on a Dubious Milestone

“25 Years of Darting”

Ever since the early to mid 1980’s DARTING has been a major issue. That means, despite their best efforts, after at least 25 years they have not found the fix. With all the front suspension changes and varied ski and wear rod designs all they have demonstrated is that similar profiles follow similar ruts. (i.e. Dual runners / Dual runner skis)

After 25 years of missing the mark, they still don’t seem to be doing anything with positive results, except by creating different profiles.

It's 2011, the Magazines should be aware, by now, that dual runner skis, as well as dual runners are only high priced temporary fixes, for darting. (Trade-offs, ie increased effort to turn the handle bars and pushing through corners.


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