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2013 Yamaha Catalog Tuner Ski


Tuner Dual-Runner Ski / Ski features 2 keels and 2 runners, 0 carbide/ 2" carbide/ 4" carbide/ 6" carbide

The prices are INSANE considering their disfunctional designs.!!! / Slightly angled to help with snow evacuation and inhibit trail debris from getting lodged between keels. I'm not as confident as them, that debris won't get stuck. These 3/4" tall keels from inside edge to inside edge measures 1 3/8" across. The faces on both sides of the keels are as steep as most single runner keel faces. From carbide tip to carbide tip the gap is 2 1/8". The keels inside faces have a 5 degree slope and the outside faces have a 115 degree slope. NO BIG WHOOP!!! The inside faces would be less likely to have something wedge between the keels if the slope was not so steep.

20mm wide at base / Runner inserts for a flush fit / Made using compression-molding process

Gloss finish/ Lightweight, yet strong, fully customized runners sizes and positions for individual handling preferences. / The cost is low enough for the skis but stay away from their wear rods. They ignored 41 years of industry experience.

Options shown on the following chart/ Bolt on for 2003 and newer snowmobiles/ works with Apex, FX Nytro, RS Venture and Phazer models./ Excellent anti-darting characteristics for predictable handling / We've heard this before!!! / Minimal, controllable ski lift/ We've heard this before!!! / Light steering effort / Only if you have EPS.

Great straight-line stability/ Only for a while! / Outstanding bump course handling

Tunable for rider's preference and style – You can't get there from here because the pieces aren't functionally compatible. New Tuner Skis – The amazing Tuner ski is a stock component on all trail Nytro sleds – the base model, RTX, XTX and XTX1.75 – When we announced our hot new Tuner Dual-keel skis as an accessory in the fall of 2011, they immediately went to backorder. In no time flat, they became the single most sought-after accessory we've offered in the 45 years we've been in the snowmobile business. The new compression-molded ski uses two keels, each with its own wear bar, to eliminate nosy darting on the trail – even if you're the fifth sled in the group! It dramatically changes the trail manners of the FX Nytro! The unique keel shape allows the snow to pass through without building up and floating the ski in corners. Since each keel has its own bar, and the accessory division offers four different bar types, you can tune the ride to your liking, from mild to wild.


Scotts Comments

I'm not sure what these guys are smoking. If you are only the 5th sled in the group with these skis, how could the snow set up hard enough to create a rut? The only positive thing I can say about these skis is, they won't be any worse that the other dual runner skis or runners. Yamaha's 2010 8EX ski will out-perform the unnecessary "TUNER SKI" as well as the 2011 Apex – 8HG and the 2012 – 8HV Trail Ski! What AMAZES me is that these guys still have a job!!! Three ski designs in two years demonstrates to me they are still grasping at straws. This also proves the claims they made about the 2011 and 2012 skis were wrong!!! I suppose they could be focusing on the money!!!

2013 Pricing - Imagine paying, $42.00pr for
mild steel host bars, dia .354" / $55.00pr for only 2" of turning carbide, with mild steel host bar and no carbide wear pads dia .354 / $60.00pr for only 4" of turning carbide, with mild steel host bar and no carbide wear pads dia .440/ $65.00pr for only 6" of turning carbide, with square mild steel host bar and no carbide wear pads .443". THESE PRICES WERE INSANE!!!

Pricing for 2014 adds another $4.00 per pair for the mild steel host bar – $45.95
The 2", 4" and 6" carbides are .46 cents at,above or below $10.00 per pr.
Talk about a money grab!!!

If you ride a 4-stroke and ride with less than 6" carbides on the insides your safety is at risk. If you use the 2" carbide don't go into icy corners above 10mph or over 20mph on snow covered trails. ABSOLUTELY, NO STUDS!!! Only the inside carbide of the outside ski comes into play when the outside runner raises as the ski tilts.

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