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The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!

If you have been satisfied with Dooly's or Slim Jims
you will love the added CONTROL our system delivers.

Note how heavy these bars are wearing on the front. This pattern indicates that the front of these wear rods will be jammed into similar ruts. This temporary fix will last only until the number of sleds reaches critical mass. Just ask Ski-doo riders with Precision Skis.

The first season on the market, users of Precision Skis did not complain about darting. The second season, darting still was not an issue. Once the number of Precision Skis reached critical mass during the third season, users started complaining about darting. At the beginning of the fourth season, snowmobilers were told to replace the Precision Skis ASAP by other snowmobilers.


Used 02 Polaris, Accu-Trak

Used 04 Arctic Cat 1000

Used 04 Arctic Cat staggered rod


Dooly Bar – used on a Yamaha Attak

Replacing the usual round host bar with 5” of flat steel will stop darting, but that’s only because there is no profile under the pressure point. (The 1994 Patented, Polaris E-Z Steer system demonstrated this.) The 5” of the flat steel does not help the sled turn or protect the turning carbide. Reduced turning and gas mileage are compromises you will have to live with. The skis tilt when turning snow packs between the dual bars and lifts the skis. Having 4 bars, instead of 2, starting at the pressure point creates more resistance to forward movement.

Dual Runner Rods

Cross-section of the same Dooly Bar, cut in the center. You can see how the flat plate has been dished out by the debris that got trapped between the bars. You can also see how the right side (inside) shows more wear.


Note that all the carbide is gone except the rear wear pad.

This rod demonstrates just what a sorry state of affairs exists when it comes to steering. This rod still did not dart but it did not help turn either.

If you have been satisfied with Dooly's or Slim Jims
you will love the added CONTROL our system delivers.

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