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Newer Wear Rod Short-cut for OEM skis
– most recent skis

We focus on function, so our rods do not look just like theirs.

Brand ID letter – In 1976 we put all the brands in alphabetical order and assigned a letter to them.  Then we added two digits so we could keep track by sequence.  ie- The latest A.C. rod is B14.

4” Carbide – 6” Carbide – 8” Carbide

 Triple Point Carbides – 4” version TP4- / 6” version TP6- / 8” version TP8-


Arctic Cat

Arctic Cat short-cut wear rod application

Brand - ID letter ( B ) & ski number.  ie – B11-B

Staggard wear rod 2006 - present - N/A - Too Dangerous

1997-2002, plastic ski = B11-B (except 2002 ZR)

2003 Parabolic Mtn. Ski = B11-B see photo

Blow Molded plastic ski = B12 see photo , Saddle photo

2002 ZR / 2003 to 2009 plastic ski = B13 - Drill a 4th hole for the 07 Jaguar ski

2004 - 2006 -Saddle photo

2006 - All except below = B13-S

King Cat - Parabolic ski = B11-B

Crossfire = B13

Panthers - Blowmolded ski = B12

2007 - All except Bearcats = B13-S

2008 - All except Bearcats = B13-S

2009 - All = B13-S

2010 to present plastic ski = B14    2012 Shimming  |  2013 Shimming  |  2013 Modified Rubber Stop

2016, ZR 8000 – RR

Set up

During my initial ride the sled was very difficult to turn, in difficult I mean it took excessive effort. Felt like too much ski pressure. Changing from shock air pressure did not help.

Limiting strap from factory on loose setting.

I adjusted the pre-load on the front shock of the rear skid.

Need to loosen the double nut with the spanner wrenches and tighten.

I initially went too far with the pre-load and the front was very light.

I backed it off and the sled handled like it was on rails.

I also increased the compression and air pressure in the front ski shocks.

This should have the opposite effect and increase ski pressure but once you get the skid set up this helps out as the sled will not dive in the corners.

I have the air pressure at 60lbs in the main chamber of the ski shocks.

The shock package on the RR is completely different then the LXR or the SnoPro however the adjustment to the front skid shock should be the same as they have a similar set up.

Will take some fine tuning but worth it in the end.

Bill S.
Richfied OH

The variation in the distance between the spindle
and the next bolt hole is functionally insignificant.




B13   B13
B13S   B13






AC OEM skis





For maximum function, if your skis only have 3 bolt holes you need to drill a 4th hole. If you have another A.C. sled with plastic skis order the same bolt pattern, B11-B or B13

We can add any new rod as soon as we can get a ski to use as a master.

Arctic Cat Drawings


Polaris short cut wear rod application

Brand - ID letter ( H ) & number. ie – HIQ

1987 to present, Steel ski = H04

Easy Steer - Not a good solution!  H05N/A – Functionally Inadequate - We use a full length wear rod with 3/8" Ski Savers to become functionally better.

1997 to 2002, Composite ski – H04-P

2003 - 2005 - Accu-Trak ski – H04-AT-A -We use a full length wear rod with 3/8" Ski Savers Dual Runners - NOT!

2003 - Sidehiller ski - HO4-P


2005 - Accu-Trak- 2 ski

– Dual runners – NOT AVAILABLE – Functionally Inadequate and they dramatically shorten the life of the keels

  – Single rod – HIQ - B

2006 - IQ ski

– Dual runners - NOT AVAILABLE – Functionally Inadequate

  – Single runner – HIQ - C

2007 - 2012 – IQ ski

– Single runner – HIQ - D

  – Dual runners – NOT AVAILABLE – Functionally Inadequate

Blow Molded ski – P26 see photo

2006 - IQ Ski - Why we shortened the IQ host bar see photo

2010 – Rush Ski– HIQ - E

2011 – Rush Ski– HIQ - F

2012 – Rush Ski– HIQ - G - modified Rubber Stop

Gripper ski – H08

Racing ski – H04-R


2013 Pro Steer ski - H-PS see photo, Shim installation, before & after

We can add any new rod as soon as we can get a ski to use as a master.

Polaris Drawings


Composite Ski



Fusion Ski








To drill out the skis for single runners you can use a 9/16” spade bit.  Drill from the inside of the pocket.  Turn the ski over and drill a center hole.  Then take a Dremmal Tool or a Rat Tail file to open up the whole pocket.  Make the holes wide enough so the host bar slides in easily.   Use a 7/16” drill bit for the bolt holes because the holes will be undersized.  You can clean up the hole by heating the front of the rod to a dull red.  It would also taper the back of the hole.  If you get it hotter it could flame up but all you have to do is blow it out.

Front Hole modification to accept a center keel rod -
Elongate the front hole to 1 3/8" or until the rod does not need to be forced down, for the front bolt to fully seat. Because of the ski rocker the back bolts may need to be pulled into the ski. Before / After

Widen the hole wide enough so a 1/2" rod can move freely from end to end.

Drill the bolt holes out to 3/8"

Make the front holes long enough so that the bars can rest relaxed.



Ski-doo short-cut wear rod application

Brand - ID letter ( K ) & number. ie – CH6-K27

Flex ski– K22

Off-set ski - K22 - 2003 see photo

Precision ski – K25 - Triple Points go on inside only. Simply the best!

Blow Molded ski – K26 see photo

Pilot ski K27 – 5.7 and 6.9
Triple Points go on center only.

Drilling holes for outside wear rods

Why outside wear rods are necessary

What took them so long?

Pilot Plug Installation

Pilot TS Ski 2016

Pilot Ski: Before & After

Modified Rubber Stop

Suspension setup for the 2014 GSX SE 1200 is:
Front ski springs on 2, center track shock on 3, rear springs on 2, coupling blocks on 1, and air shock on 2 or 3 depending on conditions. 8 Inch Triple points with 1/4" shims and 1/4" ski savers on stock pilot skis


If you want to increase ski pressure, decrease the spring tension on the front shock in the rear suspension.
If you want to decrease ski pressure, increase the spring tension on the front shock in the rear suspension.
Don't mess with the rear suspension limiter strap.  The 4th hole is recommended.
The rear stops are good either 1 or 2.

Pilot SL ski – K27-SL – Only one rod per Keel (on inside) - used Pilot SL

Pilot - Deep Snow Ski - K27-DS

Pilot - Race Ski - K27-R - rubber stop with special plugs are left and right

We can add any new rod as soon as we can get a ski to use as a master.

Ski Doo Drawings


Yamaha short-cut wear rod application

Brand - ID letter ( Q ) & number. ie. – CH6-Q18

1997-2000 – Metal ski with skin – Q14

1998-1999 – GYT plastic ski – Q15 - (USI version)

2000-2004 – 8DM plastic ski – Q16 (Q15 has a better bolt pattern!)

The Q15 wear rod bolt pattern provides added rigidity over the Q16 wear rod so we use the Q15 version. To adapt the Q16 bolt pattern for the Q15 rod all you have to do is move the bolt that holds the ski to the saddle, in the front, forward to the next hole in the ski. This will result in both of the bolts holding the ski to the saddle, being between the wear rod bolts in the front and back.

2003 to present - plastic ski - Q18 (including 2002- Viper DLX)

2008 - Nytro - Rubber Stop

2008 - 2010 - Mountain Ski - PN: 8FK-23711-00-BK - Q18 see photo

2010 to present - MT 9 ski, GYTR-MT-9 ski - Q20 see photo

2011 - Apex ski - Pathetic 8HG - Rubber Stop, rear wear rod shim
This ski could be as dangerous as the 2008 Nytro Rubber Stop!!!
- Q18

2012 - Apex Trail ski - 8HV - Q18

Keel Depths chart

2013 - Tuner Trail ski - Don't buy the factory carbides if you want control because they are pathetic. - Q19

  • The inside keel gets the carbide because the inside carbide does all the turning.
  • Control wise, the outside wear bar does not need carbide.
  • 3/8" Ski Savers are used to support the host bars so they don't bend between the bolts. The skis themselves add no side support.

We can add any new rod as soon as we can get a ski to use as a master.

Yamaha Drawings



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