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To prevent cross-threading, rotate the nut counter-clockwise until you feel the end of the nut's thread fall over the end thread of the bolt. Then, turn clockwise to tighten.

Do not over tighten nuts!  Tighten only until firmly snug.  This is especially important when working with plastic skis.  They always have a cushioned feel to them, unlike steel skis which provide a dead stop to the nut. We use 5/16" x 18 bolts because these are all that is necessary - strength-wise. Having more than one bolt only helps keep the host bar straight. Also, this allows the easiest installation without any need to drill the skis or use a hammer. It is not the size of the bolts, but the number and location that is important. Easy installation



This factory wear rod's front bend is too close to the front bolt... preventing the wear rod from fitting into the ski.

K22 Note: We don't put a 90 degree bend at the front of the wear rod because we don't believe you should have to use a hammer to install wear rods.  Also, if the bend is not absolutely perfect, you would have to grind the rod to make it fit.  We do cover enough of the hole, so snow will not come through it.

K24 - K27

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