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4,000 miles

  • These are the same rods used in the 500 mile pavement test.
  • After 4,000 miles, they do not turn as well on pavement as they did with only 500 miles, but they did still steer.
  • On both tests, the limiter straps were loose.
When I brought these Triple Point Carbides back to my shop, after shooting this pavement demo, I set them on my counter carbide down.  I noticed that they rocked sideways.  This indicated that the handlebars were probably in a half turn before the outside carbides made contact.  When I saw these rods at 3,100 miles all three carbides were the same height.  The outside carbides were so sharp I would not even touch them.  I did not look at the carbides before this demo because the results would be the results.  Over the previous 1,000 miles the thinner outside carbides wore in turns so they did not touch when going straight, making the dull center carbide dominant.

In order to get some more bite back on ice and pavement I ground the center carbide level with the outside points with a standard 1”wide Green wheel.  Then I bought a ” wide Green wheel (Radiac PN-A016721, 7 x 1/4 x 1-1/4. Price $30.50 at my local industrial supply co.). This let me grind lengthwise the center carbide without hitting the outside carbides. Because the outside faces of the outside carbides are approximately perpendicular to the ground they maintain an edge as they wear.  Of course, the bite won’t be as good as when new but more like a newer 90 degree carbide. As soon as the handlebars are turned the edges will bite.  Because we have as much carbide below the surface as above you should be able to maintain the outside edges until the faces wear down to the host bar.

tpc If these rods had been ground like this, before shooting the video, the sled would have turned even better than they did! 

You can create the best replacement cycle to fit your riding style and still have some resale value left on the TP rods for less aggressive riders.



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