Irrelevant Patent Points

These photos prove how irrelevant their patent was even to them.

Special shoulder? Which one of the four is it? I'd say the one that is closest to having no shoulder at all.

The one to the far right is their original version (note how thick the head is).  Think back to the early 90's and try to recall which brand ate up the idler wheels because they would not pull flush with the top of the track.  Ahah! Also, note how most of the contour is on the top side. 

Special head contours? Snowmobilers used the original version for several years.  The new contours only brought Woody's in line with their patent. The fact that the other manufacturers are not having any more trouble without the contour demonstrates that the contour is not needed.
Semi secret material?  The stud bodies can be cold-headed using only a very select group of materials. Of course, all stud companies, all cold-headers and all fastener companies know these materials well.  That makes it a secret to those who do not have a need to know, I guess.

2004 Still Irrelevant

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