Flat Top History

A remedy for a problem that never existed!!!

Doghouse-Shaped Carbide
SNOWSports Dealer News
'Klawing Their Way to the Top'
Sept 1976, Page 23

Kalamazoo 3/7 racing Carbides and trail Konsumer Karbides are made from the same special formulation steel bar.   The basic bar, called a host bar, is extruded with a deep groove opposite the flat back.

w_kk.gif (4464 bytes)

It's obvious that there is no significant difference between what is advertised
(61 degrees) and Woody's 60 degrees.



Is Woody's acknowledging they sold imprecise steering control wear rods
from 1979 to 1997 (18 years)

Flat back - Flat Top Irrelevent Hype!

Quite the imaginations, fixing a problem that does not exist.

The claims they make about round host bars are completely bogus! If they weren't I would not use them on the Triple Point carbides.

Apparently, Bottomline and Woody's aren't experienced enough to realize round host bars can not roll over as long as the bolts are welded on. Oh yeah! You do need to snug-up the nuts.


Is Bottom Line acknowledging they sold imprecise steering control wear rods
from 1989 to 1996 (7 years)

For additional information, go to:

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