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The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!


If you have been satisfied with Dooly's or Slim Jims
you will love the added CONTROL our system delivers.


This Polaris, Accu-Trak dual runner is off the left side of a 2002 Classic with a stock M-10 suspension. These rods were developed because the M-10’s threw lots of weight onto the skis making them prone to seriously heavier darting. These sleds did not dart because the Accu-Trak’s presented a new profile to the ground. When they were new they turned the sled OK, if you rode slow enough. As the front dual profile wore away, creating a wide flat surface, the lack of resistance diminished the ability to turn even more.


Accu Trak 2

Note how thin the front end of the rod has worn. This wear pattern is similar to single runners that dart.


Accu Trak 3

Note the lack of wear behind the 3rd bolt and (below) how high the rear of the ski is off the ground. This wear pattern is also similar to single runners that dart.


Accu Trak 4

Accu Trak 4

When the owner went for a ride in 8” of early powder he could not get the sled to ride over curbs. After he put full length Type I, 4” carbides, 3/8” Ski Savers and ¼” shims on he was able to drive right over curbs and maintain control.


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