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Shaper Bar

The Shaper Bar takes the wearbar design and performance to a new level! This bar offers a unique shape that provides much better turning than conventional bars and offers a 20% weight savings too!

The concave side profile on the "Shaper" Bar grabs and holds snow rather than allowing snow to slip by like other wearbars. While the shape of the bar improves the turning radius of your sled on the trail, the large 60 degree carbide provides great control and wear on hard surfaces. Zinc plated to resist corrosion and eliminate paint in threads.

I don't believe their claim of snow being held and that turning is improved!!! The rounded pocket is approximately ¼" tall and 1/8" deep when new. Take a look at these used rods - Butter Bars - OutLaw Shaper What I see is a significant reduction in the capacity of the pocket. Even when the pocket is new and it is packed rockhard with snow turning would not be improved! The reason is simple, the rockhard snow is only pushing against more soft powder.

Their – Super wear resistant hardened steel – can be hacksawed through, go figure.

Shaper Bars require more effort to turn the handlebars because once the host bar shoulders are worn they slice, into the trail, like a knife.

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