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What's a better deal?

A pair of Split Rail skis cost the same as 4 pair of 8" Triple Point Carbides?

Triple Point carbides let you get great control on factory skis!!!

Split Rail Ski

Dual Axis Spindles

Scotts Comments

I first saw these skis at the 2011 USA snowmobile show in Novi MI

Be prepared to ride your sled until it dies. Brand specific forked spindles would limit your future sled choices, especially if the OEM's make changes to their spindles. They would never do that!    LOL

  • The rails are approximately 2" wide and so is the center gap.
  • The distance between the carbide edges has a gap of 4". I suggest you avoid Precision skis because the gap was just a 1/2". Simmons Gen I ski gap is 5 3/16". The Simmons ski and Precision ski DART following each other.
  • They claim all 4 carbides are in contact in corners, but from years of experience with Simmons skis we know better.
  • The flexing seems to take place behind the wear rods. I am not sure if there is an upside or downside.
  • I can't see how 4" of contact surface will float better than the usual 5 1/2" wide OEM skis.
  • The 2" gap between the keels does not add to floatation.

Haydays/Shows Flyer - 2010
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Haydays/Shows Flyer - 2010
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Split Rail Split Rail Ad

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2014 Split Rail

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Nice Rhyme, but Split Rail isn't doing Yamaha owners any favors! After all, their skis cost around $800. per pair.

$800. is not such a great deal since skis come with the sleds.

Compared to our FREE system, which comes with the purchase of each pair of wear rods, and has proven results of eliminating darting, pushing in the corners, increasing off trail floatation and improving mpg since the 1993 season, on OEM skis!!!!!!!!!!!

Just saying, similar profiles follow similar ruts. Lookout for ruts left by Ski Doo's Precision skis!!



Split Rail Ski Testimonial


Split Rails

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