Simmons Website SPIN

The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!


Simmons Website SPIN

Website – 9–27-10


"The original Simmons Flexi-Ski revolutionized snowmobile"

I challenge you to read these links and agree with Simmons



  1. They cost $389.00pr plus 4 wear rods

  2. Require more effort to turn the handlebars

  3. Lower mpg

  4. Push in corners

  5. Dart following other Simmons skis

  6. Dart following Ski Doo's Precision skis


1st snowmobile concave ski with dual runners

Skilled in the Art

Dual Runners - Not

My Two Cents Worth

Simmons Extreme Wear

Original Simmons Photo

New Simmons Carbide

Simmons Original on Website

Simmons Posts - Totallyamaha

Simmons vs. Ski Doo


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