Simmons Flexi ski - original

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Simmons Flexi ski - Original

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Simmons Flexi-Ski
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The Original

Through extensive testing the Simmons Flexi-Ski is engineered to provide incredible control. Designed to flex through bumps and ruts. The Flexi-Ski absorbs the shock normally taken by your arms and legs. Darting is eliminated. Turning is improved as your sled holds the corners. The Flexi-Ski is the finest trail ski on the market. It also offers tremendous flotation in deep snow and increases your ability to side-hill making it the best all around ski available. Made from TIVAR UHMW plastic.

Unlike the current skis you have on your snowmobile with one wear bar in the middle. The patented Simmons Flexi-Ski has a wear bar on each side of the ski. With the Flexi-Ski your snowmobile will carve it’s own path and won’t slip into the grooves caused by other machines eliminating darting. The ski is concave between the wear bars giving you better control and flotation.

This concavity in the front and middle portion of the ski causes the ski to climb up on top of the snow faster than conventional designed skis thus allowing your snowmobile to plane quicker and easier in loose snow. This design also creates more stability when crossing trails and ruts left by other sleds in either deep or packed snow thus providing more control.

Providing a different ski profile is not worthy of a patent especially with all the prior artwork, skis, gadgets and over 4 decades with concave ski bottoms and wear surfaces on or near the outside edges!!!

As has been proven by Ski-Doo’s Precision ski, the Simmons Skis do slip into the grooves caused by other machines with Precision and Simmons skis and will DART!!!

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