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Double your bite


Their metal ski saddle was as long as the 3 bolt wear rods. This combination would only allow some flexing in front of the ski saddle like all the other plastic skis. The first flexing plastic ski was on the Crysler Snow Runner in 1979. It did not need a loop because the machine could be lifted with one arm.


Front loops were only added because snowmobilers needed something to grab onto so they could pullout sunken sleds.






Arctic Cat – Dual Keel ski
Polaris - Dual Keel ski
Labelle - Dual keel ski





Twin Track - Dual Keel ski

Twin Track - Dual Keel ski




1991 – 1996


Simmons Flexi-ski

Simmons Flexi ski

Simmons flyer



Simmons ski article

page120 - American Snowmobiler - December 1999



1979 Twin Track  |  1980 Twin Track


Note how the host bar and the saddle are the same (15").


My two cents worth  |  Simmons vs. BRP


Patent 5,360,220  |  Patent 5,836,594

My Understanding of patents




1994 Flyer
93 Simmons


Simmons or SLP???? / Silverbullet, Dec.29, 2003


I surely am a Simmons fan and have been for years (in fact Verlin Simmons had me demo and report back to him on a
pre-production pair in 1994). I ended up breaking one of them and he has since beefed them up on the critical areas.




1995 Flyer
94 Simmons


1999 - 2003 Used same photo

98-99 Simmons




Our Master Ski

98-99 Simmons



Simmon's Flex-Ski Ad History
Flex Ski Ads

They did not use Simmons skis.


Please excuse the tape tear on the belly pan. This ad was behind the control ad on the other side of the page.


Turning on snow


96 Ad

56 SnowGoer
    Snowmobile Equipment Guide 1996

96 Ad

    Snowmobile Equipment Guide 1997  61

96 Simmons Ad

96 Simmons Ad


99 Simmons Ad

American Snowmobiler
    October 1998  11

SnowTech 1999
Click to enlarge

199 Simmons Ad



2000 ad combo

Click to enlarge

2001 - Simmons Ad

1999 Sledhead

2002 - Simmons Ad

2001 Ad

2003 - Simmons Ad

2002 season

2004 - Simmons Ad

  20   American Snowmobiler
    December 2003  
2005 - Simmons Ad

2006 - Simmons Ad

  70   American Snowmobiler
    January 2006  

2007 - Simmons Ad

  54   American Snowmobiler
    December 2006  
Unsurpassed Exageration Unsurpassed Exageration
2007 - Simmons Ad 2008 - Simmons Ad
2009 - Simmons Ad

2010 - Simmons Ad

  10   American Snowmobiler
    February 2010 

2009 - Simmons Ad

   Minnesota Snowmobiling

2010 Simmons What Ad

  Unsurpassed Exageration  | My two cents worth

None of these claims are factual!


Simmons dual keel ski, is inferior to center keel skis on groomed trails. The inside keel wear rods are just over 2 1/2" closer, to the center of the track, making the sled tipsy. It's a well known fact, to those of us, who know it well!!!


Minnesota Snowmobile


2013 website

Keep in mind – legally –
the only accurate information they have to give is the pricing!

Dual runners - not

2014 Simmons Ad


Simmons 2014


February 2015






1 2

There is no way their
1998 version will flex
the same as their 1994 ski.

Their hype is still the
same in their 1991 ad.

All these versions (and others) will function the same as long as the distance between the
wear rods are the same and attached to the vehicle (the same way),




SnowGoer Magazine Simmon adv 2010
November 2010
Page 50

Simmons ad says –


The Simmons skis excel in stability, flotation and incredible maneuverability. The skis flex to absorb bumps, resulting in added suspension to your sled, Whether you prefer the 6” wide Originals or the 10” wide Gen II’s these are the best performance ski on the market. Unsurpassed technology, snowmobiling has never been so fun!


Scotts Comments:

They do float better than stock skis, but then again, most stock skis are designed for use on groomed trails where most snowmobiling takes place.


Turning in powder is accomplished by the rider shifting his-or-her weight over the track. Longer tracks, taller lugs, more low end torque do more for flotation than skis.


“Stability” Skis with dual runners get squirrely because 4 carbides are trying to follow their own path of least resistance across ice and pavement.


“Incredible maneuverability” – The effort to turn the handlebars is greater than single keels because there are 2 keels on each ski. It gets easier the further the handlebars are turned because the outside keel raises off the surface. The catch is, because of this the downside carbide of the outside ski is 2 19/32” closer to the center of the sled than center keel skis. That means a center keel skis will turn better at speed!


“Skis flex” – Maybe in 1991. Today however, the top of the 4 keels are 26" long and the bottom of the keels are 17” long and 1 3/8" wide on top and 7/8" wide on the bottom. The full length of the ski is 42 1/2". Combined with forward motion the moguls would have to be really long to get any tip to tip spring.

The “Unsurpassed” technology claim is as bogus as the rest of their HYPE has been!

Checkout this link: My two Cents Worth and other Simmons pages found in the Traction Industry Section. Dual Runners - Not


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