Simmon's Extreme Wear

The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!

This used Simmon's Ski photo taken from DooTalk shows their typical wear pattern taken to the extreme. The new carbide in the photo is of their latest design. Not only can it be prevented, but it can be restored

This image was found on 10/28/07 at the following url:


January 20, 2010
Ken H.
Madison, WI

Thank you for your help yesterday. I glued on the wear strips you gave me and looks like it should improve the approach angle to the new triple point. I'm sending you the pictures you requested of the ski with the factory Simmons wear bar mounted to it.

click to enlarge

July 25, 2009 - Mikeb, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to demonstrate that the information on the 2001 Aftermarket Plastic Ski Wear Patterns page was not false or misleading advertising, as Simmons and his lawyer were claiming when they threatened to take me to court.

I removed the 3000 mile ski photo because I did not have contact information for the owner. They wanted me to add this disclaimer to the white skis – “This photograph may not reflect or show normal wear from normal use of a Simmons ski.” Wear, depends on conditions! Heck, in the Rockford area our trails open with just 4” of snow. So what’s normal?
Maybe Simmons ought to provide a disclaimer as to the water content and depth of the snow before their skis are used.

These photos showed Simmons “normal” heavy wear on the front of the wear rods and skis. Original photos

I was going to include their fax but the legal mumbo-jumbo at the end said the contents could not be disclosed.

Mr. Anderson
November 30, 2001

Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.
225 South Sixth St.
Suite 4850
Minneapolis, MN 55402-4320

Dear Mr. Anderson:
I was surprised when Val from Simmons called and even more surprised when I got your fax. I had told him I would call on Thursday (11-29-01) after I studied the situation. Your fax came before I called them.

I totally disagree with your description of the information found on Aftermarket Plastic Ski Wear Patterns listed in the Useful Information Section of my website. First of all, it is not advertising, it is information. Sure plastic skis will hold up better than these photos indicate in deep powder, common sense tells you that. Most snowmobilers ride in the Midwest on groomed trails, usually hardpacked. That means abrasion, which translates into wear. I am surprised Simmons was not aware of this. Also, it should be obvious when a snowmobile is on pavement the wear rods make contact, not the ski. When I came across the second set of Simmons skis I added them to demonstrate the variation in the wear pattern.

As you will see, I believe more information is better than none. I also believe a snowmobiler will be able to interpret this information. Allowing them to make a decision that fits their needs.

I hope this satisfies your desire for accurate information being supplied to snowmobilers. If you have any comments or suggestions I would be willing to listen.

Scott Bergstrom



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