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From the Simmons web site:

How It Works, the Simmons Flexi-Ski

Because of the angle of the spindle on the snowmobile, the ski tips as it turns. This action puts more downforce (pressure) directly on the “inside” runner. This creates better “bite” when cornering. The ski is also self-centering when in forward motion. This means that it tracks true. This is accomplished through the basic design of the ski. It is similar to an upright triangle. The top point being the spindle and the bottom two points being the runners. As pressure or down force is put on the top of the triangle, the natural tendency is for the bottom corners to level out or take equal pressure thus creating the very stable feeling unique to the dual keel design. This also allows the Flexi-Ski to track true and not follow the ruts left by other skis.

This video proves most everything they wrote is
spin. ( to evolve, express, or fabricate by processes of mind or imagination.)

First, because only one ski is shown you don’t get the full picture. The centrifugal force, which reduces weight on the inside ski, combined with the 10-12 degree tilt of the ski focuses the majority of the weight on the inside carbide of the outside ski.

Second, the statement that this action puts more down force (pressure) directly on the inside runner ignores the fact the weight is now only equal to a center keel ski. The bite may be similar, at slower speeds, but the sled is more tippy because the inside carbide of the outside ski is 2 19/32 inches closer to the center of the sled than a center keel ski!

Third, if the skis were self-centering both carbides would stay in contact when the skis are turned. The spindle bushings would have to be badly worn to get any play in them.

Fourth, because these skis only present a different profile to the trail they will dart and not track true when following both Simmons and Precision skis.

When Ski Doo introduced their Precision ski in 2002 the stage was set for the Simmons ski to fall into the same predicament center keel skis have been in.  By the middle of the 3rd season critical mass was reached, so not only were the Precision skis darting following the grooves made by other Precision skis, so were the Simmons skis.  If it were not for the Precision skis Simmons dirty little secret probably would never have been exposed.


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