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Extreme claims require extreme scrutiny!!!
    Red shaded area shows how
little steel has to wear away
to lose the carbide.


The difference in height is just under 5/32". Note how much closer the steel shaper bar groove is to the keel of the ski.
              I do not see how it is possible for these two shapes to work the same in soft snow.
Arctic Cat Carbide Weight Comparison
Shaper - 6" - 19-5/8 oz.
B Skegs - Type II - 6" - 7/16" host bar - 17-1/2 oz. 10.8% lighter
B Skegs - Type III - 6" - 1/2" host bar - 21-3/4 oz.  10.8% heavier
4-1/4 oz. per pair heavier or lighter is functionally insignificant!

Used 272 miles in the Bergland, Michigan, (UP) area.  December 14 and 15, 2002.  Trails were excellent 75% of the time.  Marginal 25% of the time. Note how severely worn the shoulders are.  This severe wear is understandable because you can hacksaw through the host bar.
  Shaper Bars with 800 - 1000 miles
Used Deuce Bars
Friends Recomendations
Wear rods hacksaw and file test results

SnowGoer - November 2002

    Bergstrom Skegs
Make conventionl round wear bars obsolete.  

Round for all the right reasons!
1. Minimum mass at the top. (forms a 1/4 " x 1/4" groove against the ski keel)
2. Minimum mass at the bottom, allows penetration of the carbides into the ice. (even in turns)
3. Half of the mass is below the wear replacement point.

Grip snow and ice from the side for the best cornering and tracking ever.   Because they used the drawing of their taller aluminum version with carbide drawn in I'm not sure this statement should be taken seriously!!! Wonder why they drew a product that did not exist.
Super wear resistant hardened steel   Super wear resistence hardened steel for many miles of sure-footed riding. In order to be true they would have to be comparing their steel to wood or cardboard.

Hacksaw file test | Used Shaper bars 800 - 1000 miles | Used C&A Outlaw rods

Guaranteed to wear out 15% faster!


SnowTech, October/November 2003

40 years takes you back to 1963

SnowTech, September 2002

20+ years takes you back to 1983

Guaranteed to wear out 20% faster!

Note how minor a turn it takes for the shoulder to start lifting the carbide out of the ice.

*Blue areas indicate pockets to trap snow

1/2" bar shown to scale. The blue areas show the 1/4" x 1/4" full-length longitudinal grooves created when the round host bar meets the ski. We feel it's better to have the groove at the top of the wear bar where it will contact more snow than dirt.

Ski-Savers have been trapping snow next to the keel since 1992.

1/2" bar shown to scale. Add the Ski-Saver and the amount of snow grabbed is greatly enhanced while still adding the other benefits of Ski-Savers.

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