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"The purpose of this website
is to expose the credibility gaps...
and save you money! Bottomline, my goal is to help snowmobilers achieve the control they deserve, without the compromises or downsides they have become accustomed to!!!"

In 2006, I contacted the Federal Trade Commission to find out what line had to be crossed, concerning inaccurate advertisements, for them to take action. What I came away with is that only the pricing information has to be accurate, as far as the F.T.C. is concerned. In my opinion, this lack of concern explains why the F.T.C. no longer stands for Fair Trade Commission!

What it comes down to is that it is the consumer's responsibility to verify everthing in advertisements. I hope you find this website helpful!

The self-proclaimed leaders of the traction industry, who seem to be legends in their own minds, (Roetin's history articles, Woody's history articles), are firm believers that creative writing is more important than accuracy.

Of course, everyone cannot be number one. So, how do we sort fact from fiction? How do we narrow all of the marketing and advertising claims down to "whose product really maintains its function the longest?" 

This site compares what they have actually said and done.(Sno-Stuff advertising history, Roetin advertising history) Woody's advertising history Add common sense and logic and you will have the answers.

We used common sense and logic when we did extensive hacksaw, file and drag testing. I invite you to visit these web pages and see the results for yourself.

Within our site, we also included a comprehensive history of the four companies that manufactured wear rods in the U.S. prior to 1996. We included only these four because the hacksaw and file test results dismissed the significance of the others. Roetin, SnoStuff and Woody's have lowered their standards by introducing models that can be hacksawed / filed.

Separating fact from fiction within the traction industry will save you money because you won't have to buy so many rods over the long run. It will also save you the time and costs of replacing damaged skis, bumpers, hoods and windshields. And, more important, it may save you the costs of bodily injury and medical bills because you will make more corners safely

Bergstrom Skegs – Product History

In order to be "The Industry Leader" you have to be able to think outside the box, instead of rehashing (#1. 1996, # 2. 2009) the same old /same old. Disappointed snowmobilers are tired of dealing with the same old / same old control issues, decade after decade. Too many snowmobilers are not having FUN!!!

According to our customers, our unique products, designed for trail riding, have been and still are years ahead of the competition as far as functionality and durability!!!


The worlds first and longest wearing hardsurfaced skegs / wear rods. Our 3/8" host bars out lasted the OEM carbide host bars, of the day.


Good-n-Ugly carbides, we never used carbide wear pads, because they create significant drag and create counter productive wear patterns, shortening the life and function of the host bars.
We get longer life and function using our hardsurfacing.


Ski Savers protect the ski keels, while also reducing darting.
"FREE" with rod purchase.


Shims maximize the function of the turning carbides.
"FREE" with rod purchase.


Trail Grabbers do all the safety stuff studs do. As the domed carbide chips wear new edges and points are exposed, maintaining their function for thousands of miles, more than studs. 96 – 3/4" weigh less than a pound. The weight ratio is close to 10 TG to 1 Stud. As lug heights increase so will the weight of the studs.


Triple Point carbides are the most durable and dramatic turning carbide design in the history of snowmobiling, because 2 carbide edges are biting, in a full turn, on the outside ski. Instead of washing the steel above the carbide away, Triple Points funnel the debris down the 2 channels created by the 3 carbide edges, extending the life of the host bar.

"Our system provides control, which allows snowmobilers to ride
60 to 70 mph with one arm!!!

Two fingers have been mentioned several times!!!
There are no downsides!!!"

My goal in business is not to become the world's largest snowmobile traction manufacturer. It is to manufacture and sell the world's most durable / functional traction products.

I know there is more information in this website than any sane person needs to know.  However, since I am asking you to be skeptical of other's creative writing, I feel it is only fair to provide you with the data I used to make my points. The items in Old Advertisements and Patents pages were entered by date. It became clear that the history of many traction products has been quite different than we have been lead to believe.

Unsubstantiated claims made by traction manufacturers have routinely been overlooked and repeated by the snowmobile press. All this allowed incorrect information to spread unchecked to the benefit of those manufacturers willing to sell products that have more downsides than upsides.

Dollar per mile, Bergstrom Skegs are the best value on the market...Period!

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