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"Are All Aftermarket Skis The Same?"

Snow Goer
January 2003
Page 90

"Are All Aftermarket Skis The Same?"

"While they virtually eliminate darting, they still wanted to follow grooves in the trail – from other Simmons Flex-ski!"

Simmons or SLP???? / Silverbullet, Dec.29, 2003

I can only speak for the Simmons vs SLP w/Dooly. After 600 miles I sold the Simmons skis. They increased the steering effort and with 2 other sleds in my group using them, Simmons LOVE to follow another set down the trail.

As far as experience with Simmons, they don't dart much unless you are following tracks made by the other Simmons or Ski-Doo's dual runner skis. When you are Simmons even dart (sometimes violently).

I surely am a Simmons fan and have been for years (in fact Verlin Simmons had me demo and report back to him on a pre-production pair in 1994). I ended up breaking one of them and he has since beefed them up on the critical areas.

Dual Carbides…do they slow you down? – Forum, jim-bob, Aug 8, 2005

Well, if you are not already confused lets see if I can push you over the edge. On my sled (04 Warrior) I ran the Woody's Doolys and thought they were great, no hunting, however as has been stated here the drag on the front end was considerable. I was thinking of the Simmons when I bought a used 04 Warrior for my wife with the Simmons. The two set ups were the same as far as the hunting goes (or actually the lack thereof) and the Doolys were around a hundred dollars and the Simmons around $400.00. The big difference was the front end drag with the Doolys I almost never had to use the brake and my mileage was about one-half to one gallon more per tank full / and since we ran the same speed and distance, it was a very fair comparison. Now for the kicker / when the Doolys wore out I put on a set of Bergstrom Triple Point Carbides with 3/8" Ski Savers, at around $100.00, and I was exactly equal to the Simmons all the way around. No more drag / easier to put on the trailer / same gas mileage / If you want the best of both worlds do what I did. Also, when you call in for the carbides have him send you a set of shims that go under the rubber boot on the ski saddle / later /.


Dec.28, 2009

Hi Scott,
Just wanted to let you know how my new skegs worked out. Drove up north to the U.P. of Michigan this past weekend. Removed the Simmons skis that I have on my 07 F8 and replaced them with my original skis with your triple point skegs with the ski savers and shims. Wow! Now my sled steers easier, doesn't dart and got better gas mileage! No problem in the corners, point and go, no plowing, no track spinning.
Thanks Paul

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