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This item was found on eBay in January 2012!


Dartless for Yamaha,Apex, Vector,Rx1,Nitro,Phazer

Price: US $49.99

Dartless, the ski mod for 2003-2010 Yamaha snowmobiles.Made of Hardox·,CAD designed and Plasma cut, these ski mods will make you love your sled.They will make your sled feel the way it shoud,No darting,easyer steering,more stable at high speeds,They have been in the works for 3 years,testing,testing and more testing. How long will they last? About same as your carbides normaly last, Can you cross railway tracks? Yes no different than with out them.How much speed loss? None,same as before you installed them.Whathappens when they wear out? Nothing,you revert back to stock. How long to install. Remove ski, remove wearbar, grove ski 1/8 inch, so they just sit a hair above ski, reinstall wearbar and ski and enjoy. You only have to grove about 5 inch,length for Dartless, no change to ski aftwards. And Yes you can use reverse, just as easy. Over 350 sets sold last year. Check out Totally Yamaha, for more info.

Scotts Comments

So you pay another $50 on top of the cost of new carbides everytime.


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