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USI-SPX Ski Advice
Rockitman, Dec 20, 2004 Post # 30

I’m having a problem with my 05 USI-SPX skis, as well. I called Rick at USI and he said to 1. Loosen the limiter strap one hole. 2. Adjust the coupler block so the thinnest part is toward the back of the sled. Adjust your 3. Front springs so they are stiff. He said the stiffer the front spring the less ski pressure. He also said, that you can 4. Cut about ¼” of the rubber off the front of the coupler stop pad on both sides. He told me that will make a huge difference. I’m going to try it but I’m not going up until the 26th of Dec.

He said the other thing I can do is 5. Machine the center of the keel out just a little, 1/8” but not more than a ¼”, so that the carbide can go up inside a little. Rick said they filled in the indent on the bottom of the keel, because the change to the bottom of the ski (the steps) decreased the keel height. BTW Rick gave me his cell phone number to call him when I ‘m up there and we are going to hook up to fix the problem. How about that for customer service? Way to go USI!

Rockitman, Dec 29, 2004 Post # 48
I have a 05 gade with 108 picks and USI-SPX skis with Bergstrom Skegs Triple edge carbide skegs. I could not turn this thing. I’m 6’5” @ 260 lbs…

USI also suggested:
6.    Bending the host bar between the 4th and 5th bolts until the end of the rod is a       
       ½” off the ground. Then you need to bend the 5th bolt so it will fit into the hole.
7.    Mount the skis in the rear most hole in the saddle.
8.    Increase pre-load on your front skid frame shock almost all the way.
9.    Move your front outside bogie wheels to the hole towards the front, you will
       have to drill out the holes that are there.
10.  Use round host bars with shorter carbide. (Do not use Shaper Bars.)
11.  For 2006 they offered rockered Power Steering Plates for $39.99pr.
12.  For 2007 they offered a $15.00 flat piece of 3/16” plastic that was just long
       enough to drill holes to match the center 2 bolts of their wear rod.

Rockitman, Feb 10, 2005 Post # 6
I took my USI-SPX’s off. I did that and more trying to get it to turn without my arms and shoulders killing me at the end of the day. I put the stock skis back on and left my front springs at 4, my middle spring all the way tight and the rear springs on the heaviest setting. I also put Bergstrom 24” ( it is the triple edge 8” carbide ) on the inside of both skis and it’s easy to turn, no push and I love it. But to each his own the USI-SPX skis work better in powder and they turn in the trail, it just takes to much effort to turn them.

BTW the less carbide you run the easier it is to turn I had 8” on my SPX’s and went to 6” and they turned easier, but 250 miles in twisty trails your arms will hurt.

Rockitman, Feb 25, 2005 Post # 11 I tried everything to make them turn
I had the USI-SPX 301’s and I tried everything to make them easier to turn and I could not. So I put the Precisions on and Bergstrom triple edge on the inside and stock carbide on the outside. It is easy to turn and handles like it’s on rails. Don’t listen to the hype about the aftermarket skis like I did and wasted my money. The Precision skis work great. I’ve ridden in 55 degree weather and it was like riding in mashed potatoes and the mud was like gravy, and I rode hard packed and icy corners and it handled great. In the deep powder they don’t work, but if it is real deep just lean to turn. The Bergstroms cost a little more, but I have 2000 miles on a pair of these carbides on my 03 ZR 900 and about 600 on my Renegade 800 X. So I say go get some Bergstroms and you will love your sled even more.

Scotts Comments

Seems odd, that after 17 years of experience, up to 12 modifications would be suggested by USI, on skis they say require minimal steering effort.

SPX skis are $, 301 Series Mount Kit is $138.99pr = $396.99pr sug. retail

I think the money would be better spent on a snowmobile trip!


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