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Split Rail Skis ($800) – vs - Bergstrom Skegs (FREE)


A little too exuberant about their ski claims. The lack of darting is not so much due to the 2 keels being 3.75mm apart. The Split Rail ski resembles BRP's Precision ski except for the open center of the ski. They even use the same host bar. When Precision skis came out in 2002 they did not dart. Darting did not become an issue until the end of the 2004 season. That's when critical mass was reached, those in the forums started recommending snowmobilers to buy other skis. In 1991, Simmons ski was the first aftermarket plastic dual keel ski. (There were dual runner steel skis as far back as 1965 from Polaris, 1963-1965 Arctic Cat and in the early 1980's Twin Tracks, was an aftermarket steel ski company.) Simmons rarely darted because they had not reached critical mass, however, once the Precision skis reached critical mass, Simmons skis darted as well.

The biggest downside to all 3 of these skis, is that the weight shifts to the inside turning carbide of the inside keel in a corner. This functionally, narrows the ski stance in the corners, that's why they tend to push.

Split Rail skis are $800.

Apparently, Split Rail ski has not paid much attention to snowmobiling South of the boarder!
You would have thought they were, at least, somewhat aware of the BRP's Precision ski.

Bergstrom Skegs - FREE system

Since 1993, our customers have been able to drive down any trail, on any sled, at 60mph with one hand - for FREE!!!

Split Rail was 18 years behind the times when they claimed their ski is the first to "UNLEASH THE PERFORMANCE" and discover the full potential of your sled.

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