The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!

The "Laws of Physics" only work one way and any ski that has
a triangular bottom shape will fuction similarly.

Pre- 1963 Arctic Cat ski

This ski worked fine in deep snow but once it got into the real world wear focused
on the keel bottoms.
The 1963 Arctic Cat ski had square stock welded to the keels.  The wear bars only had to be long enough to keep the ski off the pavement during crossings.

1978 Twin Track ski
The deep front of the channel forced lots of snow under the ski for flotation. 
Because the channel tapers up towards the rear turning effort is reduced.
Richard Labelle, 1972, Ski Doo - Round pipe

Simmons ski, 1991-93 - Rectangular tube

Because of the triangular  configuration, all these skis function similarly
even though they look different.  Any functional distinctions expressed are bogus!!!

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