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Something Smells Fishy,

Between Bottom Line and their 2001 Maxsled Award


Bottom Line 1998 - Brochure - Produced by Shane Zeppelin Designs, Litchfield, MN

SnowTech - Oct/Nov 2000 Ad, page 28

Sleadheads – December 2001 Ad - page 8

Front cover of 2001 Brochure

Back cover of 2001 Brochure

Bottom Line Website, (10/2/02) Developed by Virtual Outdoors Productions, Hosting provided by

TESTIMONIAL page (10/27/01) - (8/30/2010)

About Us page (10/27/01) - (8/30/2010) last paragraph

Bottom Line 2002, Brochure - Produced by Shane Zeppelin and Virtual Outdoors Productions, Inc

Bottom Line Website, 1998-2007 - Produced and hosted by Virtual Outdoors Productions, Inc. publishers of Maximum Sled Worldwide. magazine 9/17/07 – less than forthright

Convenient that Bottom Line got an Award from the people that designed their Brochures and Website.

Odd that gave this award only once and that was to THEIR FRIEND AT Bottom Line!!!

Shane Zeppelin Bio

Scotts Comments

Bottom Line puffed them-selves up with Tall Tails and the usual carbide hype, spin and exaggeration. But, they took it to a lower level when Maxsled gave their first and apparently their only Max Award ever to Bottom Line for 2001. Bottom Line used Shane Zeppelin Design as early as 1998 and Vitual Outdoors Productions, Inc. which is also owned by Shane Zeppelin.

Bottom Line mentioned this award on their website from 2001 - 2011. Placing it on both their Testimonial and About Us pages, stretching over 10 seasons. They milked every bit of exposure they could out of this fishy advertising ploy.

Remember the only accurate information they are legally required to provide is the pricing!


Something Smells Fishy,

Between C&A Pro and their 2001 Maxsled Award

January 31, 2014

I was going through my Aftermarket ski binder and came across a second winner of the MaximumSled Award, also in 2001. It was awarded to C&A Pro- skis, another MN company. Apparently they have the same relationship with Shane Zeppelin as Bottom Line Traction has had over the years.

Pre 2001 C&A Pro Brochure: Cover  |  Back of Cover  |  Back

2001 C&A Pro Brochure: Cover  |  Back

2002 C&A Pro Brochure: Cover  |  Back

The MN companies always seemed to be connected at the snowmobile shows. Jokingly, I would refer to them as the MN Mafia. They even put each others products in their ads. I guess I wasn't all that far off. I am not suprised by their behind the scenes chicanery!

Product Sheet 1 - Front  |  Product Sheet 1 - Back  |  1997 Ad  |  1998 Ad  |  1999 Ad

Ultra III Flex Ski

C&A Ultra Pro Brochure: Cover  |  Inside  |  Back

If you are aware of any other company that recieved a MaxSled Award, please let me know!

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