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The objective of the pattern is to spread the stresses evenly across the track.  Work from the thickest rubber to the thinnest.  Stay approximately 3/8" from the ends of the thinner lugs, so there is enough rubber to resist the pressure.

Two brands of super glue that work well are DURO Glue and Plyo-Bond Glue and can be found in many hardwear stores.

Trail Grabbers can be removed by holding the lugs with pliers as you back them out with these two brands.

Gorilla Glue can also be used but rubber will be attached on the bottom of the head when removed.

Place a dab of glue on the lug and put the point into the glue. The glue will not go into the hole, but our goal is to prevent the top of the hole from opening up when stressed. Glue should squeeze out from under the head.

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96 Pattern  Requires  2 Trail Grabbers per row of lugs.
144 Pattern  Requires  3 Trail Grabbers per row of lugs.
192 Pattern  Requires  4 Trail Grabbers per row of lugs.
240 Pattern  Requires  5 Trail Grabbers per row of lugs.

Snowmobilers with 600 cc sleds have informed us they have successfully used as few as 96 (2 per row).  There are no absolutes 4 per row works really well.

It takes 70 lbs. to pull a 1/2" Trail Grabber out of the track.  Using the bed of nails theory you just have to keep the stress below 70 lbs.

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