December 20, 2002


I have used Trail Grabbers in my snowmachines for several years now and recently put them into my ATV tire lugs with excellent results.

We have had a rather strange winter this year and do not have any snow. It has all melted and turned to ice!

Needless to say, my Suzuki ATV is the only atv capable of pulling a trailer over the roads we currently have here.

Just this past weekend, our high school had a volleyball tournament here, and another ice storm hit.

The roads and trails around town were treacherous. ATVs were sliding info trees, ditches and were spinning wildly out of control (except for mine!)...people here were literally crawling around town and many simply stayed home. The ice had created a giant skating rink with built-in roller coaster like hills.

At any rate, the conditions were "freaky bad" as one of my friends puts it, and my Trail Grabber equipped ATV saved the day by hauling over 8 teams (kids and their baggage) up and down the hill in the picture without incident.

Thanks for making a great product.

J.C. White Mtn. AK