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Darting issue 98% fixed!!!

Jan 13, 2008

Thanks to Scott Bergstrom's suggestion I turned my ski rubbers around... But I went one step further and added a 1/4" shim from Scott to the heel of the rubber after I turned it around and the darting was gone.... I could drive at 80 mph with one arm... Nate007 can vouch for it as I did the switch on his sled as well... and it works.

Jan 13, 2008

I turned my rubbers around yesterday and thought it made a positive difference. I love free, easy mods!

Jan 13, 2008

Definitely works!!! I wanted to have a couple new guys ride my Nytro, but with it darting so bad, I couldn't bare to let them on it. After Tom's fix, I was able to ride one handed even though the trails were getting even more traffic without grooming! My sled is still bone stock with stock carbides, and now rides like I put different skis on it!!! Definitely a super easy - 10 minute fix!!


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