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When we came out with the Triple Point carbides for 2004, using the standard margins the 8 inch version would have retailed for $240.00pr. To lessen the sticker shock they were listed at $200.00pr. On top of that we gave a 25% discount to bring the price down to $150.00pr. "FREE" Ski Savers, Shims and S&H were included for 9 seasons. In order to increase production in the off season we needed to increase the pricing to cover the added costs.

We have always put the best interests of snowmobilers over profits!!!

We are still providing "FREE" Ski Savers and Shims. S&H in the US is $10.00 per order.
S&H to Canada gets split 50/50.

Using 3 times the labor,3 times the silver, 3 times the cutting carbide and 3 times the hardsurfacing, was and still a financial challenge.

In Season we are still working all the hours we can stay awake.

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