The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!


Inexpensive ski protection and darting control


1/4" Ski Savers
3/8" Ski Savers

$15.00 pr. (suggested retail price)
$20.00 pr. (suggested retail price)

Ski Savers
UHMW Plastic Ski Savers

Unlike Ski Savers, Shaper Plates do nothing to reduce darting.

USI - 1/4"
Shaper Plate

$69.99 pr. (suggested retail price)

Shaper Plates

ss vs shaper bars
Our USI-3 Ski Savers go to the back of the keel allowing the front of the wear bar to fit into the pocket to reduce darting. The Shaper Blades lift the host bar a 1/4" increasing drag and darting.

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