The finest wear rods and... we can prove it!

Our carbide does NOT come out until the hardsurfacing is shot!

We have as much carbide below the surface as above.

-We have as much carbide below the surface as above.
-Plus! Our host bar
outwears the others at least 2:1.

100% Replacement on workmanship and material including freight.  No other warranty is intended or implied.  If you use the rods until they are almost shot they are not warrantable.

To make a claim, call us.  You will be required to return both wear rods for inspection.   If your rod(s) are determined to be defective, we will replace the pair and we'll pay the replacement freight.

No specific amount of miles can be guaranteed because conditions and riding habits vary.  You can be assured that Bergstrom Skegs will out last our competitors.


Ride responsibly and within your abilities.

Respect... you have to give it to get it.

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