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Nice concept, but the steel would have to wear at the same rate as the carbide to work.  Since the steel will wear faster, the 3/64" (less than 1/16" thick) carbide will become exposed to the point when it will break due to the lack of side support.

Used Eversharp Carbide

Note how the carbide has broken away at the same rate the steel has worn


Used Snowtracker carbide

Failed Hacksaw Test


Eversharp 1999 Advertisement Drawings

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Comparison Drawings
ev992a.gif (8213 bytes) ev992b.gif (8675 bytes)

Gray portion of carbide indicates material Eversharp says wore off. 

Eversharp advertisement

The results (shown above) are impossible. Keep in mind that all high grade impact resistant carbide wears at the same rate under the same conditions.

The style of host bar can affect the durability of the carbide by sharing some of the load, however Eversharp's style does not.

Bergstrom Skegs 6" carbide: 3/16" square - .0482 grams weight Eversharp 6" carbide: 3/64" (less than 1/16") wide x 17/64" tall - .0164 grams weight

This is a 2.94 : 1 (Bergstrom : Eversharp) ratio in weight
Carbide alone is a 2.94 : 1 wear ratio


Dollar per mile, Bergstrom Skegs are the best value on the market...Period!

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