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Bergstrom Triple Point and Shim Kit
Installation Instructions

1 Raise front of snowmobile so the skis are 2 inches off the ground
2 Remove ski bolt nut:
3 Remove ski bolt
4 Remove carbide nuts and slid out old carbides
5 Install Bergstrom Triple Points and Ski savers
6 Place ski on flat surface
7 Lift up on rear of rubber stop and lay stop down

8 Insert plugs into rubber stop
9 Place shim behind knob
10 Put rubber stop back in place
11 Install ski back on snowmobile and insert bolt on one side
12 You will need a clamp to bring the ski up to align the other side of the ski. Place one end of the clamp on the front suspension, and the other under the ski
  The ski bolt hole will not align because of the pressure on the new shims.
  The clamp easily brings the ski up so the bolt can pass through the second side:
13 Tighten the Ski bolt/nut to complete the installation. Repeat on the second ski and enjoy the ride!

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