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My statements – in red

This article was not about the traction product history, however it does express points that could be applied.

…it seemed I was expected by the people representing the traction / ski industry to believe this was a breakthrough of new concepts / understanding sure to make serious waves in the sport…soon.

They say everyone in this journalism gig ends up a cynic, sooner or later. To some extent it’s true. The endless exposure to overblown hype and disinformation can get to you…. I sure wish the magazines would stop exposing us to the overblown hype and disinformation! Wait, that’s what they sell! A big part of my problem with this kind of story is the disrespect implied in the boasting of some of these newcomers. If you are coming from out of nowhere, that is, outside the industry, and you claim you will build a better product, don’t you imply the guys who have been slaving over the cam-cad and pounding the protos for the past decades are uninspired, ignorant or lazy?

I’m here to tell you they’re not. New sled spin / hype never lives up to expectations, one way or another! They have been selling control for decades and still haven’t delivered. Only when the terms – Darting – Pushing – Heavy Steering, are no longer concerns will they have earned our respect!

I think maybe the uninformed looking at snowmobiling from the outside see the snowmobile as nothing more than a toy for snow. To believe that is to miss the incredible subtleties that incorporate in this very complex machine. Name one product that was not created by a snowmobiler!

Look a bit deeper at any snowmobile part or assembly and you’ll find there are endless nuances, tradeoffs and details. Is some new designer, no matter how talented, going to surpass these on the first try?


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At Bergstrom Skegs, before a product is brought onto the market, we feel there should be an added benefit, either in function and / or cost, for the consumer.

The Proof - see how the newcomer’s standards have fallen short and some of the old timers have followed them.

SuperTrax International
Winter 2002
Taillights, Good Old Boys
Page 62

“It is part of the shark tank we call free enterprise capitalism to do whatever possible to suppress your competition. Promoting legislation and regulation favorable to your company is part of this and we would expect no less from our industry colleagues.”

Keep this in mind when you read all the Hype/Spin in the magazines!!!
Advertising standards are so low the only thing they have to be accurate about is the pricing.


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