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Cobra Head runners, another product I would not give to somebody I don't care for!!!


Page 14, 2011, Volume 21, No. 3


Qualipieces, located in Drummondville, Quebec, has an excellent solution to the darting issues many sleds are experiencing on hard packed or frozen snow. The technical explanation for darting is that your ski carbides "find" the grooves left by the sleds riding ahead of you. It causes many ski designs to lurch the snowmobile side-to-side and wag the snowmobile's tail as the handlebars are literally pulled right to-left without any input from the rider. To say this is unnerving is an understatement and novice riders especially hate it. We've found that OEM dual carbides set-ups are pretty good at overcoming the problem, however, not every manufacturer has dual carbide skis or runners available without going to the aftermarket.

In extreme situations, even the dual carbide systems have limitations and this is where Qualipiece's Cobra Head runners come into play. Although the rear half of the Cobra Head runner looks pretty conventional with various inches of carbide bonded to the skag, the front half features a much wider, flat skag surface designed to fill in the previous ski-ruts in the snow so your carbides have a completely new, clean surface to run on. It sounds simple but the execution has taken years of research to perfect and our experience has shown these runners to be very effective at getting rid of the twitchiness many riders accept as normal in their sled's handling.

Scotts Comments

I don't consider turning an extreme situation, unless you are heading for a tree because your sled pushes. If you ride slow enough the sled will eventually turn.

This is another example of how shamelessly magazines are willing to pass on bogus information to hook paying advertisers!!!

These guys, including the staff at SuperTrax, must be relatively new to snowmobiling or they would have known "Cobra Heads" are just a rehash of the Polaris EZ-Steer wear rod system and other much less expensive plastic products that hid the profile of the front of the wear rods.

Easy Steer Kit  |  Proactive Control System  |  Race Flex Ski Combo  |  Patent 5,344,168

Because the pressure is forward on the flat surface cornering at speed is significantly reduced!!!


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