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2011 Yamaha Apex – The Next Generation

Snow Tech
September 2010
Page 68-69

Para # 3
The big changes here are the addition of EPS (Electric Power Steering)

Para # 5
Even if the rest of the sled was unchanged, the addition of Electronic Power Steering alone is huge. It is a power-assist in that it helps turn the handlebars with you. The system is velocity sensitive, delivering maximum assist up to 35 mph and gradually tapering off from there. It helps isolate the rider from trail feedback, eases the effort required to move the bars, and provides excellent handling and predictability. The amount of energy it takes from you over the course of a long ride is greatly reduced. This is significant, as one of the main objections to nose-heavy four-strokes has been the increased steering effort. If any sled needed EPS, this is it.

Para # 8
Even the front suspension has been tweaked. One thing you might not notice are new skis with shorter keels that are mostly behind the spindle mount. Geometry is enhanced with a new spindle and 15mm of trail. This offset helps to reduce inside ski lift on turns and gives the new Apex amazingly smooth handling and excellent straight line performance (less darting).

Problematic darting to less darting how does that translate to excellent handling and predictability???

Tip to Tip the keel is 27 ½” long. 14” in front of the spindle bolt and 13 ½” behind. Does a ½” difference translate into mostly behind the spindle mount??? Especially when the rear is a ½” shorter!!! Great research guys!!!

The host bar contact has been reduced by 44% (12 1/2" to 7"). That alone would translate to 44% less effort to turn the handlebars without the addition of power steering.

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