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I just wanted to drop you a quick note.  I just got back from a snowmobile trip to Greenville, ME at the southern tip of Moose Lake.
Prior to my leaving, I put on a new pair of your runners, Ski Savers and shims, I was a bit reluctant, as evident by my phone calls to you, however you assured me that they would work and they did, perfectly almost all of the darting was gone.
After last season I was actually thinking of selling my sled and buying a new one because after 2 trips to the shop it was still darting like crazy and I felt like I was fighting the sled not riding it.  I would normally ride about 100 miles a day and felt exhausted.
After putting on your runners, Ski Savers and shims on the first day of our trip we rode 150 miles and I was ready for another 150.
I can't say enough about your products and also your customer service, whenever I called you were ready, willing and able to offer assistance.

Thanks again,

Nick L

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