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New Tech 2006

Ski Doo

…Going further for control and improved handling of the Rev, Ski Doo unveils the new Pilot 5.7 dual runner skis. The 5.7 represents both the width (5.5”)? and weight (4.25 lbs)? These new skis now feature a center keel and an outside runner. We compared these skis with the previous Precision model on a 05 Rev and noted a much improved cornering ability overall with less steering effort. The Pilot skis attain this less effort by moving the runner further rearward, this comes to the expense of a more lazier turn in, but one that we prefer to the heavier steering Precision ski, and it’s lighter by 2 lbs (1.5 lbs) per ski.

The Pilot ski’s center keel matches the Precision ski’s outer keels and so does the location of the turning carbide. The effort to turn the handlebars is less because the Precision ski is flat for 13”, while the rockered Pilot ski only has 2” of contact. From one extreme too another sounds like great engineering to me! LOL

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Mar 17, 2005, 07:54 PM
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BRP engineers have stated that by moving the keel and the leading front edge of the carbide of the “Pilots” farther back from the ski tip than traditional locations, this decreases the leverage that the terrain has on the carbide, thus decreasing unwanted darting…

The side effect, pointed out by testers from Snowsports Magazine, is that riders also have less leverage to steer as quickly. The skis are a little slow to engage…so…it’s a bit of a compromise.

Despite the slower reaction, the skis bite more confidently in all conditions that were tested. Also, steering effort was decreased and the skis seemed to hold their promise to reduce darting as well.

The photo shows their description of the keel and carbide locations are wrong. The turning carbides relation to the spindle bolts are the same. The outside keel is a little longer front and rear but it’s profile is lower than the center keel so the outside carbide of the inside ski makes only mild contact when cornering. Both skis Dart!

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