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Good Morning, Mr. Bergstrom,

Several years ago I began to notice a pronounced darting problem with not only my sled but also heard the same complaints from the other sled owners that I ride with. I went to a major snowmobile show this fall, with the intent of purchasing a pair of plastic skis for my Polaris Classic. I looked at them all and heard all the sales pitches. I became so confused I walked away without purchasing.

When I went by the Bergstrom booth at the show I picked up literature that was offered. I have used the Bergstrom hard surfaced bar for many years with great success and still had interest in its use.

Contained in that literature was an item called a "Ski Saver" that is advertised as "diminishes sled darting."

During a phone conversation with you it was recommended I remove the Polaris E-Z Steer System, install 3/8" Ski Savers and full length hard surfaced skegs. This was done on my Indy Classic and my riding partner's Indy Trail.

It finally snowed in the UP of Michigan and we got to ride a variety of trails, ice, snow covered ice, hard pack and loose snirt.

Wow! Gone is the darting. In addition, the front end is more solid in turns under all conditions, especially on the snow covered ice. In the last 3 years of riding the sled, it has never handled as well. The Indy Trail is producing the same results and also has a happy owner.

Plastic skis seem to be the big buzz in snowmobiling and I almost fell into that mode. If you have $300.00 burning a hole in your pocket, buy them. I was able to get the same or better results at about 10% of that cost. Other than saving a few pounds of weight, I see no advantage to plastic skis over the Bergstrom System.

Gene H.

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