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Tired of having your intelligence insulted and your wallet assaulted?

SnowTech, Dec. 2011, page 39

Trust us on this one. And for those seeking to rail around the corners, they suggest full-on 11mm square runners inside and out with 6" of carbide all-around….

…see how ingenious this is…. You can pretty much decide what kind of steering effort, understeer, darting and ski lift combination that is acceptable for you. The key is this one single ski, using the different runner combinations, gives you great capability to make your sled handle and act the way you want it to. Damn near brilliant!

Scotts Comments

"Tuner Dual Runner Skis", another product I would not give to someone I don't care for!!!

Why should anyone accept or tolerate any one of these downsides, heavy steering, understeer, darting or ski lift, when there is a simple fix???

Simmons skis, Precision skis, Accu-Trak runners/Dooly's fall into the category of products that create heavy steering, understeering (pushing) temporary darting fix, and reduced mpg.

Simple fix

Snowmobiling is supposed be fun not a challenge!!!

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